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Angelina K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:bulletblue: Name: Angelina K.
:bulletblack: Nickname: call me Angi, Angelina or Veil~
:bulletgreen: Age: 18
:bulletblack: Birthday: the 14th of June



3DS-FC: 0061-2894-1943
I got tagged by M3004 :D

:bulletred: Pick 7 of your OCs in any order.
:bulletred: Please link back to the blank.
:bulletred: Enjoy! :D

Pick your victims: 

1. Gin
2. Nicky
3. Lucian
4. Jess
5. Sarzan
6. Juliette
7. Veil

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would you like a donut or milkshake?

Gin: Hey there people! My name is Gin Crasher, "daughter" of Samael the King of time and Space. I am a witch, this is why my blood is purple aaand I am pretty old I think... You know when you live longer you lose the track of time :iconbadumtssplz: And I'd like to have a Milkshake with Vanilla-flavour thanks! :iconigetit-plz: 

Nicky: Umm.. Hi! I am Nicky Haiko and the only human in this round haha! I am twentyone year old and I love the sky. Ummm... I'd like to have donut but not that sweet please! :iconyuitwirlplz: 

Lucian: Good Evening, Ladies, Gentlemen~ I am Lucian Zerkens. I am a vampire and pretty young for my species. I enjoy working on dolls and creating them, although I don't think I am very talented. For the order in the end, I am fine without either of them, still thanks. :iconinubishieplz: 

Jess: My name is Jess Servint. Just as Lucian, I am a Vampire. I don't know how old I am and I believe it's better that way. And I refuse to take any of the offers when it comes to food. :icontogaitosmileplz: 

Sarzan: Hello~ my name iss ssarzssan! I am a Naga...ass u can ssee~ *giggle* You know you look pretty nicsse~? I would like a lot elsse right now~:iconhesmileplz: 

Juliette: Hello. My Name is Juliette Kurassa. My Friends like to call me Jul or Juli, although I prefer to be called by my normal name. I am a shape shifter... And I'd like to have a salad instead. I am on a diet. :iconflusteredplz: 

Veil: Yo~! I am Veil Midnight, you can call me Veil or Mistress! huehuehue~ I'm a blue devil and I want a donut because it has a hole~ You understand~? :iconheyboyplz: 

2. Lucian and Veil decide to bungee jump, but Lucian's cord snaps. What does Veil do?

Veil: Aww yeah bungee Jumping at night! This is gonna be AWESOME! :iconwooowplz: 

Lucian: And you're really sure about it? :iconwhatisthisplz: 

Veil: I am FUCKING sure about it! And if I die my body goes to Astaroth and my Soul to Milk~~~ :icongreenkokorox: 

Lucian: And.... What about me? :iconwhatisthisplz: 

Veil: I don't care if another man dies or not! So.... *takes a view steps back, runs and jumps* WOOOOOOO!

Lucian: :iconfacepalmplz: *jumps down as well although his cord snaps* F-!!

Veil: *is only concentrated on herself and doesn't notice Lucian* 

Lucian: *falls on Veil though* 

Veil: ACK?!! *takes him with herself back to the top* 

Lucian: *clings on her until they're up again* 

Veil: *looks at him* NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN MAN!!!

3. Jess decides to cook dinner. What do they make?

Jess: I made a sandwich with cheese, Salad and some tomatoes.... I don't know how it tastes though... I made it for Abltraum and I hope it's good... :iconladies-plz: 

4. Nicky and Juliette are at an arcade playing DDR. Who wins?

Juliette does, because she's loves singing and Nicky is pretty untalented with it. 

5. Gin feels bored, so they go to a bar and get drunk, when all of a sudden a liopleurodon shows up. What kind of chaos ensues?

Gin: *totally drunk, looking around as if she is watching a fly* My head feels soo light~ ugh~ This is amaaazing....:iconfriendlymushroomplz: But my body is so heavy.... I can not stand up... SAIK! SAAAAAIIIK! SAAAAIIIK!! HELP ME!!! CARRRY ME CARRY ME!!! THERE IS A WILD ANUMAL!!! :iconohfuckgrandpaplz: 

Jess: *is watching her* This was too much of fruity cocktails it seems... I'm wondering what kind of Animal she sees... *raising his eyebrows* Has anyone the number of her Boyfriend? *looking at the others* 

Veil: Well I don't have his number but I can help her tho~ :iconteheplz: If you kno-

Jess: *Interrupting her* YES I know what you mean and NO u can't! :iconangrymarkplz: 

Veil: Aww man.... *but still walks over to Gin* :iconimpervplz: 

Jess: *sighs and goes to Gin as well, to get Veil away of her* Just. Dont! :iconimtwitchingplz: 

Gin: *calls her boyfriend* Saaaaaiiiaiaiaiiiiiiik~ SAVE MEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'LL GET EATEN!!! :iconmamamapinkieplz:

Veil: I hate men :iconpolandplz: *slaps Jess on his arm and goes back* 

Jess: *rolls with his eyes* 

6. Sarzan decides to get a perm. Where do they go to show off their amazing, gigantic afro?

Sarzan: *walks around in his Cage* Nocturn!! I'm looking FANCSSYYYY~! :iconfliphairplz: 

7. Gin does make-up on Veil while they sleep. Veil's reaction when they wake up and look in a mirror:

Veil: *wakes up, slowly goes to the bath room, to brush her teeth, looks shortly into the mirror, but didn't notice the make up, after she washed her face she sees the now wet and dripping make up* I look gloomy today... I guess I forgot to wash away the make up from yesterday =o= 

8. Jess is hit by cupid's stupid arrows of lurve (temporarily, of course), and falls for Lucian.  What happens?

Jess: *jumps at Lucian and Pins him down on the ground* Finally I got you~ I've been looking for you since this morning~~:iconsexythumbplz:

Lucian: W-What do you mean? *feels pretty awkward because he is totally hetero* :iconibarashrugplz: 

Jess: You know how Charming you look these days~? *stroking his cheek* :iconsatoshismirkplz: 

Lucian: *getting nervous* I...I look as I always do? :iconduudesrslyplz:

Jess: No~ Better~ *kisses him and it becomes more and more* 

*1 hour later*

Jess: *wakes up next to a naked tied up Lucian who is crying a bit* WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED?! :iconcannotunseeplz: 

Lucian: Ask yourself you pervert! You even bit me!! :iconsawbplz: 

Jess: EW!! *stands up and runs to the bathroom to fastly brush his teeth* 

Lucian: UNTIE ME FIRST YOU SADIST!!! :iconlolipoutplz:

9. Nicky and Juliette are stuck in a haunted house, with spirits trying to snatch their bodies. What do they do to get out - or do they get out at all? Dun dun duunnnn...

Nicky: Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.... *holds onto Juliette* Don't leave me! :iconcraiplz:

Juliette: :iconirisusadplz:...*walks around to find some signs how to get out of the house* 

Nicky:* clings onto her and squeaks when she hears some strange noises* :iconcraiyuiplz: 

Juliette: Could you be a bit more quiet? :iconlisbethplz: 

Nicky: *gulps a bit* I-I will try... :iconsawbplz: *sees a mouse running through the room, screams and jumps on Juliette* 

Juliette: *sighs* Get down. :iconflusteredplz: 

Nicky: *looks at her, shivering* I-I'm sorry... :iconuu-plz: *stands on the ground again but clings onto her again* 

Juliette: Let's look around some more... *starts walking* :iconkanadeyawnplz: 

Nicky: W-Wait! We need a light! *goes to a candle but pulls Juliette with herself, as she wanted to take the candle, she opened a door with a hidden switch at the candle* :iconewwdisgustingplz: 

Juliette: *stares at the opened door* Let's investigate it. 

Nicky: R-Really?! :iconblushblinkplz: *shivers even more* 

Juliette: Yes. Come on. *walks to the door and then through it* 

Nicky: :iconwhatwhereplz: ..... W-Wait for me!! *runs after her, landing on some stairs with Juliette, tripping against her and rolling the stairs down. They slowly look up and are in freedom* THANK GOD! :iconsocute-plz: 

Juliette: Ugh.... Stand up. 

Nicky: O-Oh yeah.. S-Sorry... *stands up and helps Juliette back up* 

10. Veil is a victim of a crime, and the accused is Jess. What is the crime and what is the verdict?

Veil: You.... You bit me! :iconcannotunseeplz: 

Jess: *sucks her blood* I'm hungry so shut up... You are the only one in here...

Veil: LET THE FUCK GO OF MY ARM YOU PERVERT!! :iconibaramadplz: 

Jess: Just a bit moar.... *sucks more blood* 

Veil: :iconimtwitchingplz: *punches him on his head* LET GO!!!

Jess: *sighs, lets her go and fastly runs away* 


11. Sarzan and Gin enter into a talent show. Do they enter together or separately? And what is their talent?

Sarzan: My Talent isss to take ass many thingss ass I can into my mouth~! *starts putting some balls into his mouth* (balls in the size of the balls you play the game Pool with )

Gin: Oh my seems like he is having a Mouth like a... Snake :iconbadumtssplz: (her talent would be bad jokes xD )

Sarzan: *spits them out and laughs because of Gin* 

12. Nicky's favorite song. If they don't have a favorite song, what genre do they typically listen to?

Nicky: "Where no one goes" by by Jónsi, in collaboration with John Powel... I love it because I feel so light with it and it's matches perfectly fine to flying! :iconmonkeyloveplz: 

13. Juliette and Lucian fight zombie pirate ninjas with Will Smith. What happens? Is it awesome? Or is it awesome?

Juliette: *Just takes Lucian to get him out of this mess* I know you're not a fighter.

Lucian: Oh god... Thanks.

14. Veil and Sarzan go adventuring and discover some valuable once-lost treasure. How do they split it? Or if they don't decide to share - who gets it and how do they get it?
They found it deep in the Woods behind a Waterfall, they were looking around for a cool adventure and just found the treasure without any problem though.

Veil: *looks at the treasure* Oh man I thought we'd find a hot chick to safe here.... It's in all movies like that! :iconforeversobplz: 

Sarzan: Well... Can I take the treassure then? Nocturn will be happy if I get it for him~~ :iconmyfeelzplz: 

Veil: Yeah yeah take it, I don't need it. 

15. Gin grows to the size of a skyscraper. Jess shrinks to the size of a marble. What do each of them do with their new size?

Gin: OMG PEOPLE WILL SEE MY PANTIES!! :iconmoeblushplz: 

Jess: I'm gonna hide.... I don't want anyone to step on me :iconhomerhide-plz: 

16. Nicky now rules the world (whatever world they are from). What do they do with their newfound power?

Nicky: What shall I do with this whole mess!?!?! IT'S TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY!! :iconcraiyuiplz: 

17. Lucian, Jess, and Veil catch Juliette running around naked in the rain. Reactions?

Juliette: *just got away from a mission but lost her clothes there*  

Veil: I WANNA EAT HER UP!!! :iconevulplz: 

Jess: *holds her at her Tail* Leave her alone :iconfacepalmplz: 

Lucian: *takes off his Jacket, walks to Juliette, gives it to her without looking at her body* Milady.... 

18. Nicky, Gin, and Sarzan face a zombie apocolypse. They have little resources left and need to get to a safehouse far away. Who survives all the way to the safe house and how?

Gin: Welp... Astaroth seems to have way too much fun today.... I'm outa here ppl! Bye~! :iconregrettingnothingplz: *jumps into a portal which gets her straight to hell* 

Nicky: :iconcraiplz: *screams a bit and tries to get into a house, without Sarzan because he'll be starving sooner or later and try to eat her* 

Sarzan: They're all uglyy! *clings onto Nicky* DON'T LEAVE ME WITH THESSSE UGLY ZSSOMBIESSS!! :iconsawbplz: 

Nicky: :iconewwdisgustingplz: *she looks at him, then back to the zombies who're slowly stopping* 

Gin: *comes back* I talked to her and she stopped them~ You both shall not die yet... :iconigetit-plz: 

Nicky and Sarzan: W-What? :iconasurpriseblushplz: 

19. Juliette and Gin are zapped by the gender-bender. LOL. Making memes is fun.

Juliette: *looks at her body in the Mirror* I am still too fat.... Even as man.... :iconotlplz: 

Gin: *pats Juliette's back* I think you're fine.... But... *looks into her own pants* I'm such an Uke though.... :iconsuprisedplz: 


So this is it :D 
I tag: 

:iconkyasarin-uchiha: tehehe from me too xD 

if you guys want =w= 

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